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Test webinar - Zoom integration

Test webinar - Zoom integration

Increase your sales by leveraging more up-to-date price information, improved services, and the best quotations provided by Conga CPQ! Join our experts and learn how their experience with Salesforce and Conga (formerly Apttus) CPQ has helped numerous companies automate complex sales operations to free time and resources, improve cost management, and enhance decision-making.

Register for our webinar to see a concise demo of the Conga CPQ design and architecture and understand how easy it becomes to keep data in sync between applications, lower the risk of inconsistency, and integrate databases between existing and new products. 


  • What are the primary pain points that a CPQ solves, and when does a company need a CPQ solution?
  • See Conga CPQ in action: live demo and real-life examples plus tips and tricks for Conga CPQ implementation.
  • What are the competitive advantages of Conga CPQ and how do you start?
  • Exclusively for the webinar participants, Scalefocus can provide a fast-track readiness and impact assessment in the first couple of weeks of usage.

Plus: Our business analysts can help you with the description of your sales process.


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    Nikolay Bizev

    Salesforce Technology Lead at Scalefocus

    Kristiyan Kunev

    Salesforce and Conga Solution Architect at Scalefocus