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Keep Your Applications
Healthy. Maintain Your

Keep Your Applications
Healthy. Maintain Your

The cost for application support can really add up, leading a business to poor allocation of resources. We believe that professional maintenance and support of your applications is the only way to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and achieve tangible process improvements and optimization.

Scalefocus makes sure not only that your applications are bug-free, but that your entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and running smoothly.


Application Launch Services

We fine-tune your software’s monitoring functionalities to help you achieve higher performance and set up automated reporting for greater efficiency.

Software Health Checkup

Our team ensures your software is robust and compliant by performing a software audit, server management tasks, license checks, regular performance control, setting up backup storage, calculating and monitoring resource availability.

AppCare 360

AppCare 360 is a Swarm-based service for application maintenance, operational, and infrastructure support. It improves resiliency, reduces costs, optimizes resource utilization, and increases customer satisfaction.

Incident Management

You can expect a fast reaction to any issues, bug fixing and effective minor change request management. We offer 24/7 system monitoring of your core applications, your hardware and your overall system performance to ensure system uptime.

Scalefocus utilizes the swarming support model based on networked collaboration. It improves the efficiency and responsiveness of the support process, which results in cost savings, reduced downtime, and increased flexibility and scalability.


Leveraging the swarming numerous advantages, we have launched our own AppCare 360 service that is designed to ensure system and business continuity and implement best-practice security standards.


The AppCare 360 team provides professional maintenance and support services with vastly accelerated response to resiliency issues.

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