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Mobile Everything

Intuitive and Scalable Mobile Solutions
for the Digital Enterprise

We provide comprehensive iOS and Android mobile application development services to reach your users anywhere with seamless mobile experiences.

Whether you are about to start or want to advance your app to the next level, we provide custom mobile app development from idea to launch using top-notch technology and talent.

More than 10 years

of experience and 30+ mobile projects

Proprietary iOS and Android

component libraries for reduced development time

Off-the-shelf mobile app

modules reducing delivery time

Full lifecycle

application support

One-stop software

development house


Mobile App
Development Projects

  • Telehealth
  • Neobanks
  • E-commerce
  • Trading
  • Gaming
  • Enterprise Apps
  • FinTech
  • Payments


Native mobile app development

We provide your customers with superior UX and improve your team productivity with apps for internal use. Reduce your expenses through process automation and enjoy visibility over your vital KPIs through a wide range of metrics and analytics.

Hybrid mobile app development

Whether it’s React, React Native, Flutter, or PWA (Progressive Web Apps), we have dedicated teams that have experience with hybrid technologies. Are you at a watershed moment to decide if you will use native or hybrid? Scalefocus can help you make the right decision for your business case based on our experience in both native and hybrid projects.

Application modernization

We analyze your existing solutions and report any areas for improvement. Our cross-functional teams review your codebase to detect potential flaws that may harm your product while increasing security. Then we will integrate new features, offering flexible support and maintenance. You may choose from various options – team structure, availability, resources allocation, and utilization.

Enterprise mobile app development

Our vast experience in enterprise mobile app development will help your business develop its next-generation product. Scalefocus understands enterprises and the strategic application of technology to their business. We offer comprehensive solutions that include Frontend, Backend, Big Data, and Mobile.


Does your app need a better App Store or Google Play rating? When submitting your app to the stores, are you lost in all of the new regulations? Should you choose native or hybrid? Scalefocus can help you find the right answers for your business. We know what works and what does not in mobile, and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

UX design

User experience is one of the most critical aspects when designing for mobile. Whether you have a mobile-first approach or you are migrating functionality to mobile, we can help you do it in the best possible way. Scalefocus has a UX team with mobile experts who create a seamless mobile experience for your users’ journey.

R&D Center

Scalefocus has its own R&D center with mobile development at its heart. We have developed software and hardware for end-to-end and enterprise solutions such as IPTV, location applications with beacons, innovative hardware for object recognition, and more.

Our R&D center helps us acquire expertise in cutting-edge technologies so your business can stay relevant and impress with innovations. Scalefocus has developed Accelerator Apps and modules for mobile apps. These modules represent white label functionalities that you can get out of the box and customize. This dramatically reduces development time and time-to-market. It is one of the many examples of our commitment to the future of mobile.

Full Lifecycle App Support (ACC)

We have developed our own solution, Application Continuity Center (ACC), designed to ensure the operational stability of software applications.

Scalefocus offers continuous services that include systematic development and know-how that keep your systems in premium shape and bring cost efficiency and security.

Our expertise enables us to analyze our customer’s goals and requirements flawlessly, suggest the best approach and technologies, and then deliver the perfect solution.

At Scalefocus, we provide a full development lifecycle.

We are starting with a business analysis of the requirements, following pixel-perfect UI design and natural, easy-to-use UX design. At the earliest stage, we involve our mobile experts to suggest the best mobile practices in every department.


Technology Expertise

React Native
Progressive Web Apps

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