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Building The First All-Digital Bank in The Middle East

Success Story

As more consumers go digital, only the truly innovative financial service companies can disrupt the market. To keep pace with consumers’ changing preferences and to serve them in the best way, our client decided to expand their core business by creating the first fully integrated digital bank in the Middle East with online-only set of offerings.

The first entirely digital banking solution in the Middle East

Easy-to-use, end-to-end mobile loan feature

Cutting-edge UI/UX on any device

The Client

Our client is a leading financial services company with 80% of their operations taking place online, they give investors and traders all necessary tools to capitalize on their funds via a state-of-the-art digital platform.

Through a single login, traders get access to regional exchanges and to more than 20 international financial markets, creating a diversified portfolio of assets. Individual investors can choose from multiple mutual fund providers across various products to make quick and informed decisions with the help of our client’s expert investment advisory services.

The Solution

The project is supported by one of the region’s leading government innovation programs as part of a long-term strategy to place the country on the map of tech giants in the Middle East and beyond. After an extensive selection process and detailed vetting procedures, the company partnered with Scalefocus and tasked us with building their new cutting-edge banking solution. Our FinTech and delivery expertise coupled with a highly agile development approach singled us out as the most qualified technology partner that would rise to the challenge.

The core leadership managing the project consisted of senior-level experts who applied their know-how in the context of the ongoing shift to digitalization in the Middle East. To ensure maximum collaboration, transparency across a very large and scaling team, we adopted the Spotify agile model. We operated with squads – cross-functional, autonomous teams that focus on certain product and business goals, and chapters where specialists align on best practices, engineering standards and solution design companywide.

This created a strong solidarity within the teams, high sense of ownership and responsibility and reduced the typical blocking interdependencies in a large-scale organization. Project management was agile, strictly following the Scrum framework, which helped us solve challenges quickly and effectively while working with rigorous standards and quality control.

  • In-depth analysis of business objectives, KPI’s and creation of an action plan
  • MVP closed testing version released within just 3 months
  • Leveraging our expertise in Mobile, Backend, Automation, DevSecOps, Big Data
  • Tech stack with cutting-edge technologies aimed at increasing security and performance (Spring, Golang, React, Swift, Kotlin, Python, Ansible, Terraform, Oracle, Docker, K8s, Hashi)


Modern consumers’ openness to purely digital propositions is what laid the foundations for our client’s business expansion into online banking and what informed our approach to the project. We took a close look at the trends underscoring people’s adoption readiness and their decision journeys.

As a result, the digital bank Scalefocus built provides an exceptionally engaging digital experience and offers consumers frequently used and value-added features, such as loyalty programs and discounts through mobile. Apart from the standard checking and savings accounts, transfers and payments, it offers a holistic portfolio that includes crediting and insurance.

It is perhaps the most exciting and large-scale tech project in the Middle East, and we managed to ensure its scalability, performance and efficiency within aggressive deadlines while onboarding a high number of team members. In a fast-paced marketplace moving towards online banking to meet digital demands is the only way to remain relevant.

  • The first entirely digital banking solution in the Middle East
  • Cutting-edge UI/UX on any device regardless of hardware capabilities
  • Easy-to-use, end-to-end mobile loan feature
  • Consolidated summary of personal finances
  • Attractive loyalty programs and discount coupons via mobile devices
  • Plastic or virtual debit cards for secure payments

Our Work

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