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Published on: 05 Feb 2021

Tiho, a Senior UI/UX Designer on Music and Important Life Lessons


Tiho Aleksovski is a Senior UI/UX Designer at Scalefocus and the next awesome person from the Scalefocus team who lifts the curtain to show us a bit of his life and work. In this edition of People of Scale, he tells about his experience as a graphic and UI/UX designer, his journey before Scalefocus (including getting a degree in Dentistry), his inspirations and motivations, and much more.

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On his background

I was born and grew up in Kumanovo, Macedonia, graduated in the Dentistry specialty at the Medical School in Skopje and Visual Arts and Graphic Design in Sofia. I came to Sofia in 2006 to study, fell in love with the city, and decided to stay here. I have 14 years of experience under my belt as a graphic and UI/UX designer in various industries and disciplines: from publishing through advertising agencies and media, a few tech startups, and then joined Scalefocus.

On his role and purpose

As a Senior UI/UX Designer in Scalefocus, my primary responsibilities include solving complex product challenges and transforming client’s big ideas and business needs into great, customized, user-oriented, and user-friendly digital products.

During the four years I’ve spent in the company, I had the opportunity to work on various projects for internal and external clients, for both small and large-scale, local and international companies, across different industries. I’ve been lucky to work in amazing teams with colleagues who are great professionals and people.

At first, I joined the company because the project I was interviewed for (and later joined in) meant a significant professional challenge and opportunity. The company had a notable social media presence, and it seemed like a great place to work, with fascinating young people and a lot of fun internal activities. I remember one of them being a craft beer culture and events in the company I was very fond of.

Four years later, I still believe that Scalefocus is an extraordinary place for work and professional growth.

On his team

We are a relatively small team. We share a great passion for UI and UX and a similar sense of humor. We are always happy to share knowledge and learn from each other’s project experiences.

Оn dealing with challenges

I usually bring it up for a discussion within the team, to get more opinions and different points of view, which (most of the time) leads to an interesting discussion and new ideas for possible solutions that end all doubts.

Also, I keep this picture open somewhere between all browser tabs, and when I accidentally see it while switching tabs, it instantly helps to forget about all doubts and worries and puts me in a good mood.


On being a musical soul

I have a strong passion for music, and I listen to various genres and artists that you can see here, and check if we have compatible music taste. Please don’t judge when you catch me listening to CECA.

I enjoy going to live shows. I’m a magnet for catching guitar picks, drum sticks and setlists. I’m also collecting music on color vinyl, and CD’s with good packaging design.

I’ve played mandola for four years in a school orchestra. Now I play air guitar and air drums. The hours of commuting were my usual time for practice.

On advice for anyone now starting in the field

I wouldn’t give advice per se, but I can share what has worked for me. One thing I know for sure is: it’s essential to be open to different types of projects. You start somewhere, and you learn new things along the way. Creating digital products is teamwork, so being sure to respect everyone’s role in the team.

Not being afraid to ask questions (do quite the opposite, actually!). Also, be a good listener and think analytically, because you need to understand the users’ specific needs accurately to find the best solution.

On his daily work

I’m currently working on a project to connect and digitalize a whole industry (which I cannot disclose because of an NDA).

As part of the project’s product management team, my tasks are based on creating UI and UX design in the application, based on the business requirements and user needs for the different functionalities that cover all life cycles of the products.

With the Work from Everywhere model at Scalefocus (which at the beginning of the pandemic was a Work from Home model for everyone), I got into the habit of it almost instantly. Now, I am more focused and more productive. Without mandatory daily commuting, my daily schedule seems to be more efficient.

On the most important lesson of 2020

The good health and wellbeing of one’s loved ones are precious, and we should always keep this in mind and approach things with care and gratitude. I realized how much we have been taking things for granted and learned to appreciate them more.

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