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Published on: 09 Sep 2019

The IT company ScaleFocus with a 5-year project, with no analogue, to solve the biggest problem of the IT industry

Ten thousand people from all over the country will receive free IT training over the next five years. The initiative is powered by the biggest Bulgarian IT company – Scalefocus. People from all over Bulgaria – both those with some theoretical knowledge and those without any experience or knowledge – will be able to enter the ScaleFocus Academy. Two months after the start of the training, they will begin to work in a real team for a client. This project aims to resolve the biggest issue, faced by the IT industry – shortage of qualified and motivated talent.

Kick-off of the ScaleFocus Academy in Burgas

ScaleFocus Academy begins this fall in Burgas, thanks to the full support of the municipality. Then, depending on the interest and pro-activeness of other municipalities, it will spread around other big cities. ScaleFocus Academy will work with local schools, universities and organizations to spark interest in IT and build the right model for employees’ development. Other software companies with local offices will be involved as partners. This will solve another big problem – the concentration of IT business in only 1-2 big areas in the country.

“The purpose of the Scalefocus Academy is to retain the young and motivated people in our country, to enable them to gain knowledge and experience free of charge. Our industry is confronted with the mismatch between demand and availability of motivated IT professionals. We have set ourselves the daunting task of changing this.” Plamen Tsekov | CEO | ScaleFocus

The duration of one practical course will be half an year. Scalefocus experts and project partners will not only share their knowledge, connected to the latest IT technologies and trends in the world, but also elaborate on the development of professional and cultural values, effective work in international teams, ethical communication with clients and colleagues. This will be especially valuable for people without previous IT experience or work within an international team.
ScaleFocus Academy will help to provide the necessary workforce for the IT industry in our country.
“Free training for 10,000 people over the next five years is an ambitious goal. In the first two years alone, we will invest about 1 million BGN. However, we believe that through ScaleFocus Academy we will significantly improve the quality of IT services throughout the country. ” Plamen Tsekov
According to a report of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association in 2018, 67,300 people are employed in the IT and BPO sectors in Bulgaria, and by the end of 2020 the industry will need approximately 79,000 people.
Scalefocus is the largest Bulgarian software company with over 1000 specialists, 200 clients worldwide and development offices in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna. The company’s revenue for 2019 is expected to exceed 60 million BGN, 80% comes from projects in North America and Western Europe.
Over the next few years, the company will triple its capacity by setting up development offices in other cities in Bulgaria and the neighbouring Balkan countries.
Follow the next steps of the initiative at for more information.

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