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Published on: 22 Jan 2020

People of Scale: Mario, a DJ, a Bike Rider… a Software Engineer

We always say Scalefocusarians are extraordinary. And we never leave statements like this empty. Mario Yordanov, a Scalefocus Software Engineer from the Salesforce team is one more proof of what we’re talking about. Why? Read below.

From Business Economy to Software Development

“I don’t believe there is one thing in a person’s life that defines him for a lifetime, not a profession or anything else,” says Mario. As a kid, he wanted to become a soccer player. He trained seriously up to the 10th grade until realizing it would certainly not turn into a career. Before entering the IT field, he studied something completely different. “In university, I majored in Business Economy and studied things like marketing, finance… Later, I became interested in software engineering and after taking courses, I started my first job.”

At Scalefocus, Mario steps in the shoes of a Software Engineer, working in the Salesforce team. “I joined ScaleFocus because I immediately felt a great atmosphere here and liked my future managers right away. My team right now is composed of people I know well and that makes the teamwork and workflow really easy. With them, the challenges don’t seem overwhelming. In our work, you often come across things we don’t know and need to

adapt quickly.

And that’s what we always do.”

My favorite DJ headphones, Master & Dynamic x The Rolling Stones. This edition is limited to 1962 pieces (1962 is the year Rollings Stones is formed).

Mario works mostly with Apex (the language of Salesforce), VBA, and Java. As far as mentors go, he says he always feels the support and push for excellence from his two managers – Aleksander Stoimenov and Vladimir Kamenov.

“We believe in unity, teamwork and I always depend on them and my colleagues. There is a saying by Michael Jordan that “talent wins the game but teamwork wins the championship.” That is exactly the spirit of our team.

Last thing I wrote in my notepad was notes for a complex functionality of a data migration application. Last thing I wrote not related to work was a quote by Anthony Hopkins – the so-called “prayer of release”. Look it up.
Mario, born and raised in Varna, has other passions outside of work. Besides Mario Yordanov, the software engineer, he is also DJ Gent o’Funk. “Growing up, I often hung around a bar in Varna that played disco and funk – the music I grew to love and became interested in. I became a DJ to try out something new for myself and I’ve been doing it for about a year now.”

Mario says the energy the music gives him is the “recharge” he needs. Music, he says, goes through people like

a feeling of happiness and love.

“When you see them dancing to the music you put on, that energy does back to you immediately and that’s amazing.”

The stickers are related to the Gentleman’s Ride initiative I am proud participant in.

There are three songs he says can be assigned to the soundtrack of his life. First is Al Green’s “I’m a Ram”. “Al Green’s music always helps when you struggle in life. This track motivates me.” Cerrone – “Give me love” is a song that he “would always dance to” and that encompasses everything most important: love, magic, inspiration. The third one is William de Vaughn – “Be thankful for what you got”. “This track helps me remember to always be thankful for the here and now.”

Another thing Mario strongly believes in is

change and trying new things.

Besides DJ-ing, two years ago he became a bike rider. He’s a proud owner of а Triumph Bonneville and participates in an annual cause – Gentleman’s Ride, an initiative in which bike riders bring awareness to men’s health. Being open to the world and searching for new things for yourself is a big part of Mario’s self-growth. “In work, as well as in life, I am inspired by creativity, artistry, and attention to detail. These are the things to be appreciated, to be thankful for.”

And this ScaleFocusarian knows that life needs to be appreciated for each turn. By working on large-scale projects for Salesforce, Mario says he learns to be adaptive and depend on other people even when it’s hard. And when asked if he gets inspired by different perspectives, the answer is that he even seeks them deliberately. “It’s always great to see different points of view. To take something for yourself. To bring out the good.

If you want to work with awesome people like Mario, check out Scalefocus’ current openings here.


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