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Published on: 30 Jan 2023


After all the spectacular parties and end-of-year celebrations, January seemed to pass by so quickly.

It’s been a great time to sort out the upcoming year and charge up with feel-good activities! 

Some snapbacks from our parties 📸

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but they hardly capture the great time we had!




Tackling the slopes Scalefocus Style 🎿

Snow, ski, beer and a little magic – our colleagues had a blast in Bansko this January. ❄️

Muffin Master Chefs 🧁

Our Project Managers put their finest aprons on and whipped up a plethora of delicious muffins. 

One whisk to rule them all, after an intense battle only one was crowned as the Muffin Master Chef.

Nikola Tsolov paid us a visit 🏎️

Despite his busy schedule, Nikola Tsolov Racing came by our office and signed his mini helmet for us! 🤩



About the Author:

Mariya Kamarashka

Social Media Manager

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