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Published on: 07 Dec 2021

DevOps, a parent and a motorhead living in the body of Tihomir


On his background


Born in Rouse, currently living in Plovdiv. In between parts of my life were different cities and countries around the World.


Married… with Children. A daughter and a son. It sounds like a sitcom, but is not 🙂


I graduated from Computer Systems and Technologies at the University of Rouse. At that time, my desktop had a “Turbo” button. That means, long time ago.

On his role at Scalefocus

I started my carrier in Scalefocus more than three years ago, and I have changed a few positions since then. The current one is DevOps Technology Team Lead. As well, I am part of a project where I can practice my technical skills. Why Scalefocus? Because I have known the company and its people from the very beginning, I saw an excellent opportunity to develop myself and my career in an outstanding direction.

On his team

Our team is exciting because we are DevOps specialists with different seniorities, ages, and backgrounds, allowing us to transfer our knowledge to various aspects.

On dealing with doubt

I am trying to go deeper into the reason and find the best resolution.

On music, hobbies, family, pets, and everything in between

A lot of hobbies. Every free minute is spent on my hobbies. Some of them I am sharing with my family, the others with friends 🙂

On the best advice for new software specialists

If you are concentrated and motivated, the goals will be reached easily.

On his everyday work life

My work life is separated into two.

The prime job is to be a parent. That means waking up at 6:00, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, preparing them for school, bringing them to school and at the end, going to work (at the office or home, depending on the situation). That is precisely half working day.

At the office/home usually, I start with checking my Calendar about meetings. This is helping me organize my tasks for the day related to my position as TTL and my current project on which I am working.

Once the day at the office/home has finished, I am going back to my first job, which takes the other half of my first job working day, and so the entire day ends 🙂

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