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Published on: 04 Feb 2020

If you happen to know how many hearts does an octopus has or what is the name of the phobia that designates fear of cooking – you are certainly among the winning teams in Scalefocus’ quiz night last week. The epic battle of wits commenced at all of our locations and the teams battled heroically, tackling questions like “What is the name of John Snow’s wolf?” and “What is Yoda’s last name?

Here’s how the night went at our Capital Fort office.

First Round

The evening started out at 5 PM with the gathering of the teams around some chips and beer. We can’t say we were surprised at the interest in the event – ScaleFocusarians are known for their fast thinking and strong competitiveness.

The first round of the night gave to our thinking warriors 20 questions with multiple choice answers. The topics included biology, geography, mythology, popular culture, history, and others. We were pleasantly surprised to see how many of our colleagues were aware that the rock band AC/DC is formed in Austalia and that Mercury and Venice are the planets within our Solar System without moons.

Second Round

In the second round, it already became clear that the competition was fierce. Several teams were really close to one another in points, battling for first place. The second round of questions was not multiple choice and thus harder for the brave thinkers of ScaleFocus. And yet, they still managed to say that ergasiophobia means fear of work and that the only bird that can fly backward is the Colibri!

After finishing the second round, there had to be a lightning round at Capital Fort. This round commenced between teams Quiz Dev and СухиндолХ and had to be answered for time. It included such questions as to where is the only ATM in the world that lets you perform operations in Latin and what is the translation of the High Valyrian term “valar dohaeris” in Game of Thrones. After several more minutes of battle, and the final question asking “What is the distance in kilometers between Paris and Karlovo?”, it was clear who the winner was – Quiz Dev!

Scalefocus’ Quiz Night was another great proof that our teams have awesome brains and neverending thirst for knowledge – and fun. Stay tuned for more fun events in the upcoming months!


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